Review: Push

"Push" has no pull. A confused jumble of parts in search of a whole, the film plays like a mix-tape sample of scenes from "Heroes," "Fringe," "Alias" and "The X-Files" as it follows good guys gifted with paranormal powers trying to stave off bad guys with the same powers to create a U.S. super army. Director Paul McGuigan muscularly uses David Bourla's impenetrable screenplay to turn Hong Kong into his own plaything, with enough energy to power solid worldwide opening week numbers and plenty left over for vid futures.

A prologue set 10 years ago delves into the fate of a "mover," young Nick Gant (Chris Evans) -- one of several types of people who were guinea pigs in government experiments to use paranormal skills (seeing the future, controlling thoughts or, in Nick's case, moving objects) for military uses. After witnessing his father's death at the hands of Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou), a powerful "pusher" (thought controller) in the black-ops unit known as Division, Nick goes into hiding in Hong Kong.

As a sure sign that Bourla's script needed some tidying, a messy voiceover during the credits by 13-year-old Cassie (Dakota Fanning) has been inserted to try to explain the background of the myriad players with psychic powers. (Hint to Summit Entertainment: Provide auds with a who's-who program as they enter cinemas.)

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