Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 5 - Responsible Parties

At the scene of a gang shooting, Bosco and Yokas find 8-year-old Tomas Sanchez cradled in his mother's arms and bleeding profusely from the gunshot wound in his chest. Yokas and Bosco transport mother and son to Mercy Hospital in the squad car. There, a new doctor beautiful, young Sara Morales reprimands Yokas for not waiting for an ambulance. Morales tells her that, by delaying advanced life support measures, Yokas jeopardized the boy's life. When the boy dies, Yokas feels guilty.

Meanwhile, Carlos correctly diagnoses a pulmonary embolism in a woman whom Doc thought was merely hyperventilating. Davis makes his first solo arrest--James French , a purse-snatcher who unknowingly mugs the elderly mother of mobster Ralph Giamarese. When the old woman decides not to press charges, French, fearing for his life, offers the police information about a string of robberies in return for being allowed to stay safely in jail.

Tomas Sanchez dies, and Bosco and Yokas learn that his killer, Geronimo "'Lil Nemo" Enrique , is only 10 years old. Tomas' mother is the girlfriend of gang leader Caesar Dominguez . Caesar later slits Geronimo's throat for botching the gang hit and killing innocent bystander Tomas. Bobby and Kim violate protocol to perform an emergency tracheotomy on Geronimo, for which Doctor Morales chastises them. Realizing that no one will testify against Caesar, an enraged Yokas ignores Bosco's objections and administers vigilante justice by releasing Caesar in a rival gang's territory, where he is promptly killed.

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