Fringe: "The Bishop Revival" Review Revival Season 2, Episode 14

There's a little thing, well-known on the forums and social media sites of the Interwebs, known as Godwin's Law. It states "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." I suppose the same holds true for television shows, as Fringe finally fell into Nazi mode. But what we have here are not quite the same old Nazi tropes; there's a definite unique Fringe flavor that makes this story work.

The episode starts peacefully enough with a wedding. But this is Fringe, so we know any peace is going to be short lived. The Jewish side of the wedding party starts turning blue and keeling over.

There's a cute little moment where Walter plays matchmaker with Peter and Olivia before going into to look at the bodies. Asphyxiation seems to be the cause behind the deaths. Walter, in a moment of epiphany, comes to the conclusion that it must have been some kind of Nazi attack. Quite a logical leap, but Walter's brain works differently than most people's.

There are a number of small areas where the script takes some imaginative logical leaps. The story requires you to believe that Walter would have neglected to mention any stories about Grandpa Bischoff the Nazi double-agent at some point earlier during Peter's life. You'd also have to believe that someone (Markham) would really have names and addresses for everyone he's sold a book to for the past ten years. These are small complaints, admittedly, but this show is usually pretty good with these kinds of things so it stuck out for me.

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Jan 31, 2010 10:16AM EST

in fairness they do address the Markham issue, some people are just like that

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