'American Idol' recap: Everybody Save Cheese! Season 9, Episode 29

We were told to brace for a surprise or two. We were warned that shocking results were imminent. And yes, while the sight of Michael Lynche preparing to sing his way out of a ninth-place finish was not the result I'd have forecasted, I wouldn't go so far as to say it was the biggest jaw-dropper from tonight's results-show telecast.

Au contraire, that honor is really a tossup among a wide range of incidents that occurred during the hour-long program. We had Randy Jackson eschewing his typically idiotic chorus of boos during Simon Cowell's introduction - for the second time this season. We had Ryan praising Simon's constructive criticism of one of the contestants. We had new (and better) glasses from Andrew Garcia, new(ish) attitude from Ellen DeGeneres, and a new single from Rihanna that required an assist from a female dancer taking a side grinder to her own metal-plated corset. (Today's water-cooler discussion topic: Would Lacey Brown have made the Idol summer tour if she'd pulled a similar stunt during Ruby Tuesday?) We had the judges exercising the save option on someone other than Crystal Bowersox. And we had Katie Stevens managing not to uncork a stunning stream of expletives when they did it.

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