Glee Episode 10: "Ballad" - Recap

Love songs were the name of the game in Wednesday night's episode of Glee. After splitting the club into pairs, Will must partner up with Rachel, prompting an unfortunate crush. Elsewhere, Kurt is dealing with his feelings for his singing partner, while Quinn's secret is revealed to the last people she'd want to know...

It's the battle of the ballads. Will splits the glee club into pairs and has them each prepare love songs to sing to one another. When the names are drawn, Finn and Kurt end up being partners, while Rachel is left pairing up with Mr. Schu.

To show the glee club an example of what songs they should do, Rachel and Will sing "Endless Love." During the number, Rachel starts to get a bit too close for comfort, and basically chases Will around the piano. "I don't like the way she's looking at me," says Schu. Ruh-roh. Student-on-teacher crush coming up. Looks like Rachel has gotten over Finn.

Later, we finally meet Quinn's family while she's getting ready for the chastity ball. When her dress doesn't fit, Mama Fabray chides her for being out of shape since she quit the cheerios. Her father proceeds to announce that he's invited Finn over for dinner. Within this conversation we learn that Quinn's parents are boozers and her mother is your stereotypical subservient housewife.

Elsewhere, while confirming their rehearsal time, Rachel brings Will a present. It's a blue tie with a star. "I figure every time you wear it you can think of me and the star you're helping me become," says Rach. Complaining to Emma, Will recounts the last time a student had a crush on him. Meet Susie Pepper, one of the hardest school-girl crushes Will ever had to deal with. Pepper would even call him late at night and pant on the phone. Will told her head-on that she didn't love him, causing her to eat the world's hottest pepper and end up in a medically induced coma for three days. Emma suggests that Will let Rachel down gently by singing it to her.

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