FRINGE "August" Review (Season 2 Episode 8)

FRINGE's next episode, "August", which airs on Thursday November 19, will be Observer-centric, and having seen the episode, all I can say is get ready for one of the best Fringe episodes ever.

(There might be some minor spoilers following, so read at your own risk)

So far we haven't learned much about The Observer, apart from the fact that he... well, observes, and that he is somehow tied to Walter and most likely has answers to a lot of questions we have.

Well, I am happy to say that in this episode we learn much more about him, starting with the fact that there isn't just one Observer, oh no, it's like a group, seriously. And while their sole purpose is to observe, one of them decides to interfere with how things were supposed to go. And that's what starts the events that lead to the case for "August."

The episode centers mostly on the "rogue" Observer, August, as we find out his motive for interfering. At the same time Olivia, Peter and Walter try to solve the mystery surrounding his actions as well.

Throughout the episode we find out quite a lot about what it is The Observers do and what happens when one of them decides to interfere. We also learn more about Walter's relationship with theObserver (the one we have come to know as The Observer ) in quite an emotional scene. I have to admit that the more things we find out about Walter, the less crazy I think he is. The writers are just so good at creating layers for their characters, it's really a joy to watch them evolve.

But the main reason that I loved this episode so much is because of Peter Woodward, who plays August, the Observer. He is so freaking brilliant, it's unbelievable. He literally steals the show away from the regular cast. As I was watching theepisode I found myself caring more about what was happening to his character than the others. The regular team just felt like second characters, it really was theAugust show. But that's ok because he is such a compelling character and you're just dying to find out more about him.

So there you have it. This is an episode not to be missed, especially if you are an Observer fan. So make sure to tune in tonight, November 19 and watch Fringe at 9pm on Fox.

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