Recap Angel: Season 1, Episode 7 - Bachelor Party

Doyle is caught off guard when his estranged wife, Harriet, asks for a divorce so she'll be free to marry her new love, Richard. Though quite surprised to learn this piece of Doyle's past, Angel and Cordelia do all they can to support their friend. With the wedding a few days away, Cordelia accepts Harrie's invitation to her bridal shower. That night, Angel shadows Richard and discovers that Harrie's affable fiancé is an Ano-movic demon. Since Doyle believes that Harrie's rejection of his own half-demon heritage caused their breakup, he must contend with a certain amount of rekindled pain and anger. Nevertheless, Doyle reluctantly accepts Richard's sincere invitation to the bachelor party. Apparently, the wedding cannot proceed without Doyle's express blessing on Harrie's second union. Little do either the bride-to-be or Team Angel know, a sacred Ano-movic tradition involves ritualistically eating the first husband's brain.

Harriet and Cordelia discover Doyle is in danger and crash the party, followed soon after by Angel. Doyle morphs into his demon form and tries to help out but in the ensuing fight, he is knocked senseless. Harriet learns her husband won't go through with the marriage unless they can kill Doyle, so she breaks it off.

Angel and Cordelia watch Doyle mope in the darkened outer office until Cordelia goes out and cheers him up in her straight-forward way. All of a sudden, Doyle has yet another painful vision. This time, he recognizes the blond woman from Angel's bookmark photo, apparently fighting for her life against multiple foes. When Angel asks, wide-eyed, what he saw, Doyle hesitates to speak Buffy's name.

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