GLEE Episode 10: "Ballad" - Review

On the heels of last week's emotional episode of GLEE, tonight's episode "Ballad", once again tugged at our heartstrings. Finn and Quinn's respective parents reacted very differently to finding out the baby news, but both reactions were tearjerkers. Thank goodness there were also some lighter moments and songs thrown in so that things didn't get too heavy.

If Finn singing "I'll Stand By You" to a sonogram wasn't emotional enough, the sight of him breaking down in his mother's arms put me over the edge. It's not even his baby! He has to find out soon, right? It was really sweet to see his mom be so supportive even though she was disappointed.

Finn's mom looks like parent of the year compared to the cold Mr. and Mrs. Fabray. This year's Celibacy Ball is really going to suck, but kicking your pregnant daughter out of the house is just heartless. I still think that what Quinn is doing to Finn is wrong, but I have some newfound sympathy for her. It was nice to see the glee kids rally around them at the end and their rendition of "Lean on Me" was awesome.

So, we've been waiting for Puck to fess up to someone about being the father of the baby. It finally happens and Mercedes tells him to back off. What? It's his baby! Worst. Advice. Ever. Oh wait, no. Kurt advising Finn to tell his girlfriend's parents that she's pregnant by singing them a ballad was the worst advice ever. Bad advice aside, his crush on Finn is cute and I hope they can at least be friends.

After this episode, I think I'm going to need a chart to keep track of who's crushing on whom. Since the first episode I've been wondering why the girls (or boys) in glee club aren't crushing on Mr. Schuester. All I can say to Rachel is, duh, of course Mr. Schue is fine. The look of fear on his face when they were singing "Endless Love" was just hilarious. I also loved watching Emma and Rachel swoon as he sang and danced on the piano during the "Don't Stand So Close To Me"/"Young Girl" mashup.

My only complaint was that there was no Sue Sylvester. I guess Jane Lynch can't be in every episode, but I miss her when she's gone. It looks like she's be back next week and I can't wait!

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