The Office Season 6, Episode 11: "Shareholders Meeting" - Recap

Corporate bigwig David Wallace summons a jubilant Michael to attend a shareholders meeting in New York City. Michael invites Dwight, Andy and Oscar to tag along. Meanwhile, Jim clashes with a lazy Ryan back at the office.

Whenever an office tries to go green, usually it means changing out a couple of light bulbs. However, for Dwight, it means stumbling about in a homemade costume and calling himself Recyclops. After years of trying to save the planet, however, Recyclops has a change of heart and tries to destroy the world. It's recycling for dummies at its funniest!

In more important paper-selling news, apparently Michael Scott has been invited to the Big Apple to attend their shareholders meeting. He's more concerned with his stage entrance - and the limo that he is going to be riding in; while others, like Oscar, are actually trying to solve DM's financial hardships. Solution to the problem? Michael invites Oscar and the entire office to come along! Of course, only Dwight, Andy and Oscar are brave (and/or stupid) enough to accept the offer.

Upon arrival, Michael is separated from his ragtag group. Bigwigs, VIPs and CEOs greet him with handshakes backstage. Meanwhile, Dwight, Oscar and Andy (DOA for short - go figure!) take their seats in the audience and prep to "throw" the Q&A in their boss's honor. However, once Michael takes to the stage, it becomes evident that this meeting is going to be something else altogether. The resounding boos make it loud and clear that this is going to be a blood bath.

Back at the branch, Jim tries to assert his management position by (for lack of a better word) "controlling" his co/sub-workers. No one believes that Jim is as powerful as Michael - even Pam! And this gets under his bossy skin.

Jim fingers out Ryan as, quite appropriately, the laziest person in the office. In order to inspire him from apathy, Jim moves his desk into the closet (literally, a closet). Ryan suddenly offers to work late; Jim's managerial plan has worked (albeit under illegal means).

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