Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Valentine's Day Massacre" Season 6, Episode 14

Grey's Anatomy gets in the Valentine's Day spirit with an episode about love connections - and a couple of disconnections as well. Arizona spends much of her time playing cupid with Bailey and her "gas man" crush, Ben Warren. Elsewhere, Meredith struggles with the idea of being Derek's arm candy now that he's the Chief of Surgery. On the flip side, Teddy want to "un-ring the bell" she rang when she told Owen she loved him and Sloan decides to give her baby away, which breaks Grandpa Mark's heart. Throw in an arm growing out of a patient's side and a new hair color for Lexie, and you've got a pretty packed episode. So, let's get to it.

The doctors are thrust into action as a roof collapse at a local restaurant sends many lovebirds into the ER. (Luckily, most of these doctors seem to hate Valentine's Day, so they are happy their plans are scrapped.) Bailey rebuffs Ben's invitation to dinner, but not without Callie and Arizona noticing that cold-hearted Bailey actually likes the guy. So, Arizona plays matchmaker in the middle of a complicated surgery, much to Bailey's chagrin. However, Bailey finally admits to Ben that she likes him, and the reason she is rude is because he makes her nervous and unable to talk. So she accepts his invite to dinner, though she doesn't make any promises about how great the conversation will be.

Speaking of dinner conversations, Meredith and Alex treat Emile, head waiter, who for 15 years has served a customer that he pines for. He, however, has never been able to tell her how he feels, something that was complicated when she got married. (The poor sap even hid the engagement ring in the crème brulee.) However, as he tells the story, the object of the waiter's affection - who just so happens to be in the next bed - hears the whole thing. (This scene was really well performed by the guest actor.)

However, when Meredith asks the lady what she was going to do, she tells a different tale. She knew Emile had feelings, and she went to the restaurant each week waiting for him to speak up. He didn't, and she made a choice to marry the other man. "It's a choice I keep making every day," she says.

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