'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains' Recap: One Plan, Two Votes, Three Bananas

Yes, Survivor this week happened on a Wednesday rather than the usual Thursday. I sure hope you didn't miss it. If you did, then you missed out on a pretty unusual episode. It was a race to the finish, with two eliminations, one classic move, and lots of food.

Tangled up: This week's challenge was ripped off the Tocantins playbook: each castaway, attached to a rope that's tied to an obstacle course, has to slip and dive his way through the end and win. Each tribe will do the challenge separately. Everybody competes individually. It's a double elimination: there will be two Tribal Councils, and whoever wins the challenge gets individual immunity.

For good measure, those two winners face off in the end; the ultimate winner gets their tribe a chance to watch the other tribe's Tribal Council, complete with hotdogs and softdrinks.

The Heroes go first, and immediately you know that it'll be a bad day for James. He's still got a bad leg, after all. But hey, he's still doing the course pretty quickly, actually overtaking Colby, who got stuck midway through! Still his efforts weren't enough, and Candice won immunity.

It was a much tighter battle on the Villains' side, with a five-way lead at one point. But it was Rob who proved his mettle, barely winning against Russell and Tyson, also known as he who won the past challenge. The final showdown, with a bigger obstacle course, was also a close call for Rob: nonetheless he won despite Candice closely tailing him.

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