HOUSE ''Unwritten'' Review Season 7, Episode 3

This was the best HOUSE episode since the opener last season. There was a good case and just the right amount of personal drama. The writers are determined to keep House’s relationship with Cuddy going, so the two had only marginal issues that were worked out in the end.

House and Cuddy are growing on me. They have this cut little As your girlfriend, ]something]. As your boss, [something else] thing going on. But now I just see the relationship ending with House saying, As your boyfriend, goodbye. As your employee... you have a fat ass.

The writer was an interesting patient. And while I might be biased because I’m a writer, I felt she had more going on than just being a bitchy suicidal. After years of seeing your dead son, whom you blame yourself for their death, and writing ten books with a character based on him, not to mention a condition caused by the crash... well, you’d be suicidal too. A nice touch was the burn on the patent’s face that mirrored the scar on her son’s face.

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