Smallville: "Crossfire" Season 9, Episode 6 - Review

It's a little strange that Oliver Queen features more prominently than Clark Kent for the second week in a row. I was intrigued by Ollie's side story in which he decides to pay his good fortune from last week forward by playing Pretty Woman with a prostitute named Mia Dearden (Elise Gatien). For those who may not know, Mia is DC Comics' Speedy (Well, the second Speedy) who was also rescued by Oliver from prostitution. It will be interesting to see if Mia continues to pop up in Ollie's storyline from time to time and if they dare explore her HIV positive status on TV.

Mia's pimp, Rick, plays the human and ultimately harmless villain of the week and serves as Mia's roadblock to reaching her true potential. He's about as bland a villain as we've seen on Smallville in recent memory but serves his purpose in the last few minutes of the episode when he's featured in a really cool sequence. The Blur stops machine gun fire from Rick's gun in a scene reminiscent of the gatling gun scene from Superman Returns.

The adventures of Lois and Clark featured them auditioning as hosts for Good Morning Metropolis - a weekday morning talk show. It was a cute storyline that focused on their romantic relationship by having them both sign up for blind dates but I'm looking forward to seeing Clark featured in a meatier storyline soon. This is his show after all - he needs to take it back from Oliver.

Oliver's confession of love to Lois came a little out of left field and definitely caught me off guard. I did appreciate the honesty of his character though - but I appreciated Lois's honesty about just wanting to be friends even more. I shudder at the thought of a sustained Lois, Clark and Queen love triangle storyline for half the season. We don't want it or need it on Smallville.

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