'V' Season 1, Episode 1: Early 'Pilot' Review - Featured

A remake of the 1983 miniseries of the same name (which itself led to both a second mini and an ongoing series), V (Reimagined Series) once more tells the story of what happens when a massive group of aliens arrive on Earth. Their leader, Anna (Morena Baccarin), quickly informs the populace that they have a great need for a resource that is abundant on our planet, and are willing to share their advanced technology and medical expertise as a trade. But suffice to say, Anna is not telling the whole truth about why the aliens - quickly referred to as Visitors or Vs - are truly here.

As in the original, V begins with the Visitors large motherships suddenly appearing in the skies over major cities across the globe - and an amusing line of dialogue references the blatant use of a similar image in Independence Day. For the majority of the populace, the Vs message of peace is quickly cheered (literally cheered, in a moment that comes a bit too quickly). But several remain skeptical or wary, including New York based FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch). The inclusion of a priest in the story is handled well and is a nice element to the story, as Jack attempts to reconcile his beliefs with these aliens' existence - and notes the danger of the adoration and praise for the Vs turning into worship and devotion.

Other roles of note include Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, who has ties that are bringing him close to an investigation being conducted by Erica and her partner Dale Maddox (Alan Tudyk), along with Ryan's girlfriend Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto); Logan Huffman as Erica's son Tyler, who becomes very caught up in the V craze - particularly after he sees the appealing smile and cleavage barring jumpsuit of Visitor Lisa (Laura Vandervoort); and Scott Wolf as ambitious reporter Chad Decker, who will have his ethics tested, after Anna asks him to conduct an interview with her.

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