Three Things We Know About Lost's Last Season

Spoiler alert: Lost will be mysterious to the end.

Recent Emmy winner Michael Emerson - just one the Losties who talked to us recently about the show's sixth and final season - promises it will resolve some but not all of fans' questions.

"I don't know if they'll be fully satisfied or not," Emerson says. "I don't know if we want to be fully satisfied. I think it's always best to go away wanting a little more."

You can forgive Emerson for being as enigmatic as his character, Ben Linus. But in interviews with, his castmates (including Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, and Terry O'Quinn) did clarify three things that have nagged us since the fifth-season finale in May:

1. Yes, the bomb exploded. "Basically a bomb went off at the end of the last one and all bets are off," Garcia said. Adds Kim: "At the end of last season there was a big explosion." Of course, neither of them guaranteed that the bomb was Jughead, but we'll just assume it was to keep our heads from spinning.

2. We haven't seen the last of Juliet. A well-placed source tells us Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the tragic doctor, just flew back from shooting in Hawaii and that she may return there to shoot again.

3. But we probably have seen the last of Libby. "It looks like we're probably not going to see Libby," Garcia says. "They'll probably deal with the story, but [actress Cynthia Watros, who plays Libby] may not be joining us."

Of course, the world of Lost is full of few constants and many variables. But whatever the writers have planned is worthy of the show's past secrets and reveals, O'Quinn promises: "When I read the first script, it's the first time in the whole series that I said, 'Wow, that's amazing,'" he said.

What Lost mysteries do you most want to see resolved when Season 6 begins in 2010?

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Oct 9, 2009 9:07AM EDT

The smoke monster, the statue, the black rock, Jacob n friend, walt, the empty graves 'felix' had photos of, the psychic that put claire on the plane, claire, lockes double, christian, richard, the rules of the island, charles w, why pregnant women died, the islands mysterious properties and explanation, why miles seemed to be able to talk to ghosts when he was finding the money in the womans house but then says he cant on the island, why the picture frame in said womans house changed colour, any fundamental reason the losties are on the island (fate, destiny, chosen etc), the cabin, whoever is 'coming' , bernards odd lingering look at juliette when they last met, one eyed mikail who dies all the time, henry gale (blast from the past!), the bird that screamed hurley, why certain people are killed by the black smoke and others are not, the islands origins and how and who has been on the island that we have not yet seen, dharmas experiments, richard seeing the losties die, why did jacob touch all the losties, why was illanda bandaged when she was recruited, what was in the guitar case jacob gave to hurley, the numbers significance if any, where did daniel get the farraday from, the whispers.. and this is just the tip of the iceberg

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