Recap Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 3, Episode 17 - Les Contemptibles

The setting is France on the eve of the Revolution, in the year 1789. Two nobly dressed people, Lady Marie (Ephiny) and Francois (Salmoneus), are traveling in a coach discussing their fast friendship when Francois reveals he is the local hero of the people, the Chartreuse Fox. He presents the Fox's calling card, a yellow rose. A Captain Gerard soon stops the coach, looking for the Fox, but Lady Marie tricks him into thinking she is travelling with their father. Farther down the road, and shortly after Francois makes a wager concerning finding a hero in every person, they find a man lying injured. It is a ruse, and two bandits, Jean Pierre (Iolaus) and Robert (Hercules), attack. They are easily bested by Francois, who upon seeing an opportunity to win his wager, takes the two with him.

Back at Francois' home, the bandits are tied up and forced to hear Francois tell them about the ancient Greeks, specifically the hero Hercules. Several clips from the series are shown, including ones from the TV movies, highlighting the story's message of how heroic people were in the past. Freeing the men, they all go to the town for food. Meanwhile, Captain Gerard is shown fuming over the Chartreuse Fox's latest raid, which is on an armory. He swears to capture and kill the fox.

In town, Lady Marie shows disgust at the conditions the peasants live in, and Francois reminds her that that is why the Fox's mission is important, to better the lives of the people. They soon come upon a vender named Croissant (Falafel) who is selling some questionable food, particularly the "catch-of-the-day crepes." After hearing another Hercules story, it is shown that Marie is drawn to Robert, but soldiers arrive and everyone hides in Croissant's barrels. Elsewhere, a piece of evidence from the armory raid seemingly clues Captain Gerard into the identity of the Chartreuse Fox.

Back at Francois' home, Jean Pierre and Robert demand payment for their services. They are told another story, this time highlighting Hercules indifference towards acquiring wealth and treasure. Needing more convincing, Lady Marie goes to her carriage to retrieve something of wealth. While gone, it is shown that Francois, Jean Pierre and Robert are pulling a con on her, and he is not the real Chartreuse Fox. When she returns, she presents a priceless brooch for the cause, and the two bandits are "turned" to the revolutionary cause. This time they are given a story of Hercules' sacrifices for love. Marie then claims to see soldiers approaching and hides the men in a trunk. Shortly, sensing something wrong, they escape and find that Marie had duped them and taken their riches and left a yellow rose behind, revealing herself as the real Fox. Down the road though, before she could get away, Captain Gerard stops her carriage and takes her into custody, having figured out her identity from the handkerchief left at the armory.

At the docks Marie is about to be executed by the guillotine. Watching on the three men are about to leave her to her fate when Robert has a change of heart. Stopping the blade from falling, they assault the soldiers. After the people watching nearby join in the fight, the tide turns. Robert saves Marie from the blade a couple more times, then frees her to dual with Captain Gerard. She is able to disarm and humiliate him, but lets him live with his shame. She and Robert were able to share an intimate moment, though.

Outside of town, Marie is distributing some riches to the townspeople, and breaks the news to Francois that he won't be getting his riches back. They all decide to join together in the revolution, but have some difficulty in deciding what to call themselves.

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