Cobie Smulders and Neil Patrick Harris Talk About Their On-Screen Romance

There's no quicker way to ruin a long-running series than to start pairing off the main characters. But somehow, How I Met Your Mother has successfully kept the comedy interesting with Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), characters that are seemingly about to embark on a budding romance. Viewers of the CBS sitcom have been rooting for the odd couple ever since they slept together in the third season and, after seeing the season 4 finale, in which they finally confess their true feelings to each other, fans are looking forward to the show even more.

So will love definitely be in the cards for Barney and Robin next season? Based on Smulders and Harris' interview with Chicago Tribune's Gina McIntyre, it seems like a sure thing.

"I'm assuming we get together next season," Harris said to the then-very-pregnant Smulders, who was due to deliver her first child any day.

"I feel like if we do, we'll have an open relationship and you can do whatever you want," Smulders answered. "But you come home to me."

"That doesn't seem like Barney would want Robin to have an open relationship," Harris observed.

"And therein lies the comedy," said Smulders with a wry smile.

The Barney and Robin pairing is clearly a hit but it does have some repercussions. While both cast members are grate full for the pairing, they are also concerned about what it would mean for their characters' reputation ---the one that viewers have grown to love.

"As she was concerned about flipping from one guy to another really quickly, I was concerned about Barney losing his womanizing edge," Harris explained.

Fans will just have to leave it to the producers of How I Met Your Mother who seem confident that they can pull it off.

"Our guiding principle is that whenever there's an idea that seems like it's going to ruin the show forever, we usually end up getting really good stuff out of it," producer Carter Bays says. "The scary stories are the ones that end up the most satisfying. The show is about people going through turbulent times in their lives, and it's about change and moving forward."

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