Bronne Bruzgo: 'The Real World: Cancun' House Like a 'Prison Cell'

The Real World: Cancun viewers may have been amazed at how the house this season looked, but for 21-year-old Bronne Bruzgo, it felt like a "giant tropical prison city."

"We're not allowed to watch TV or play video games or listen to music," he tells Reality Wanted. "I mean, yeah it was really pretty but it was kind of like a giant tropical prison cell. I love video games and there was a game I had been waiting for to come out. It came out 3 weeks after I got to Cancun and I was reading reviews and looking it up online. I finally got home and downloaded it and it sucked!"

The Yardsley, Pennsylvania native furthermore clarified surrounding him and his cougar-chasing ways. " I thought she looked just like Lucille II from Arrested Development and I was like, "Here's my chance to hook up with Lucille II." Plus, how many people can say they've made out with a mom? Not many!"

This does not mean, however, that he didn't get his share of the typical Real World girls on the Mexico beach. "I get my fair deal of babes. I like to hook up with girls." He also revealed his not-so-usual avenue into the Real World: Cancun cast.

"I'm going to be honest with you. There was an open casting call at a bar near where I live. My friends and I went down there to laugh at these losers because the chances of someone from our area making it were so small... but then I got it.... I never expected a call back once so there was no point in worrying."

Meanwhile, asked if the youth in him was happy when he found out his Real World season will be set on the spring break capital of the world, he said yes of course. "I didn't really care but then when I found out it was Cancun, it was unbelievable. As long as they don't do Real World: Baghdad, I didn't care."

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Jul 7, 2009 12:12AM EDT

not many indeed bronne not many

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