The Abusing of The Pimp Spot on 'American Idol'

The Pimp Spot. Some say it's a baseless American Idol conspiracy theory. Some say it's the producers' way of highlighting or protecting the contestant they're most excited or invested in. Whether you're a conspiracy theorist or a pimp spot believer, it was completely wasted on Katie Stevens last night.

If the pimp spot is a conspiracy theory, I happen to be a believer. You can't tell me that by complete random chance both Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert just happened to get the final performance slots during week one of season 8. Just like you can't convince me that Katie Stevens, a contestant that American Idol has been promoting since episode one of season 9, just happened upon the final spot last night. Thing is, randomness aside, Katie Stevens (and the Gokey's and Lambert's before her) are the last people who need the pimp spot.

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