Owen Back to Iraq, Mark and Lexie's Fate, and More

If you think Owen's (Kevin McKidd) PTSD episodes that nearly choked the life out of his relationship with Cristina (Sandra Oh) are over, think again. As a follow-up to flashback-heavy "Time Warp" on Grey's Anatomy, the ABC medical series is traveling not just in time but overseas, as an upcoming March/April episode will take us to the frontlines of the Iraq War.

Fancast is reporting that the same episode will also revive the hitherto dead triangle between Owen, Cristina, and Teddy (Kim Raver). As Teddy's advances on Owen were negatively received by a lot of Grey's Anatomy viewers, the episode will hopefully shed some long overdue insight into what exactly Owen and Teddy went through as Army doctors.

Maybe some perspective into the matter will bring more people to Team Teddy? OK, maybe not.

Nevertheless, the March/April installment will no doubt bring "more revelations" from Owen's past, said Hunt. Thanks to therapy, Owen had been able to address his PTSD, but Teddy being in Seattle Grace might bring back some unwanted memories. Already, Grey's Anatomy is casting five other young military types, one female, four male, for the intense scenes.

In other Grey's Anatomy news, no respite for fans of the as-of-now doomed Mark (Eric Dane) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) tandem, as there seems to be no reconciliation in sight for the two, at least for the mean time. In fact, when Grey's returns March 4, a female doctor will catch the attention of McSteamy. This is hardly surprising, as he even tried to hit on Blond!Lexie.

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