'Life Unexpected': Living Up To Great Expectations

It's the morning minus the madness in Portland. At least for Cate since this is her first day without a job. Denial runs in the family. "Are you alright about Ryan being at work when you are not?" Yes. "Are you alright about Bug leaving?" Yes. Optimism: there has to be something better around the corner.

Baze, on the other hand, is going to a job interview at his father's company, so that he can repair the damage caused to the bar by the fire. Once Cate is left alone we finally see how upset she really is, but this moment doesn't last for long, the show seems to be more fast-paced.

I'm better with you than without you.

Cate has always been 'Cate from Cate and Ryan', so without him, she is an unknown commodity. She's offered to produce the 'Ryan and Kelly' show. What a slap in the face! And Ryan suggested it ... does he know what pride and self-esteem are?

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