Review: The Mentalist - Throwing Fire Season 2, Episode 10

So this was the inevitable flashback episode of The Mentalist. We've had flashbacks before, of course, but we knew we were going to get one where we learn how Patrick Jane became who he is. An episode where we see a teen Jane scamming people by making them think he could read their minds (though he's more talented than that and really can figure things out, just not in a mystical way). The kid playing young Jane was pretty much spot on doing a young Simon Baker.

Too bad the present-day mystery wasn't that interesting.

I also had a problem with the way that Jane had the flashback. He's hit by a baseball in the head and this causes him to flashback to when he was a teenager? The whole thing was more comical than scary, even though getting hit in the side of the head by a baseball traveling 80 miles an hour is probably something that a person should be taken to the hospital for. But Jane refuses to go to the hospital (of course) and for some bizarre reason Lisbon and Cho don't even insist that he go? That was kinda odd. Jane could have easily had internal bleeding or some other problem, especially since he was acting dazed and offbeat (even more than usual).

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