Supernatural: John Winchester = God

Who would've guessed that the TV parody episode of Supernatural would include the biggest twist and bombshell of the season? Not only did we find out the Trickster is really the archangel Gabriel, but we learned that the entire series has actually been an allegory for Michael and Lucifer's battle over God.

That's pretty good for an episode of Supernatural that also saw Sam get slapped, hit in the nuts and stricken with genital herpes, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling of Dean digging around in his trunk. But what does Gabriel's message really mean.

In hindsight, the metaphor was incredibly obvious. When Gabriel pointed out the comparisons between Dean and Michael, Sam and Lucifer and John and God, everything made perfect sense. For a long time Supernatural fans have found John Winchester God-like, but little did we know that it was completely intentional.

The biggest question is what this means for the future of Supernatural. Gabriel was quite certain that destiny was unavoidable and that Sam and Dean would have no choice but to fight to the death. Sadly, it fits perfectly with Supernatural.

The show has never taken the easy way out, never wrapped up its stories with a bow. The boys reunited with their dad and tracked down Azazel, but then they were in a car accident. They hunted down and killed Azazel at the end of season 2, but in the process Sam died, Dean gave away his soul and they opened a gate to Hell.

Then Dean went to Hell. Then Sam turned evil. Then they released Lucifer. For the Winchesters, it's one step forward and two steps back. Therefore, I'm inclined to agree with Gabriel that this is going to get a lot worse before it's over.

Unless daddy shows up. In a parallel to season 1, season 5 is about trying to find the absent father figure, God. When Sam and Dean finally reunited with John, they found a new purpose and were able to fight as a family unit, stronger than ever.

The only way out of this mess is if they actually find God and He intercedes. And I certainly have my fingers crossed that if they do find God, he'll look just like Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Nov 8, 2009 6:46PM EST

obviously god is said to be on earth and castiel is trying to find him but do you think he needs a vessel as well? john? only thing is, is jeffrey dean morgan available or is he to big for the show?

Default avatar cat
Nov 12, 2009 10:43PM EST

I agree with 1jacksoncr. Why would God need a vessel? He's....God! And even if he needed a vessel, didn't Sam and Dean burn their father's corpse in Season 2,episode 1? I guess he coould walk around as a crispy, face-melting zombie, but I have a feeling...mind you...a small inkling that people don't want to see that. But hey, that's just my opinion. Yeah, yeah, He's God so He could ressurect John without so much as a scratch on him. Blah, blah, blah. Just kidding around folks. :D
But seriously, I would personally like to see an unknown actor playing the role of God, someone we haven't already seen in Supernatural. Not so obvious. I know with Dean being a vessel for Michael and Sam being a vessel for Lucifer it automatically assumes their dad should be a vessel (or whatever) for God, but that's so predictable. What I love about Supernatural is that the creator and writers are still able to surprise its audience, like with the Trickster being the archangel Gabriel. Did not see that coming.

Default avatar cat
Nov 13, 2009 3:24AM EST

I actually spun this theory about John a couple fo months ago when making my predictions for the rest fo the season. It's interesting to think. And Picasso23 if John is the vessel for God then the fatc that he was burnt won't matter, it's been said by Zacariah to Dean that if he dies they'll just bring him back until he lets Michael in, same principal as to why Dean was torn to shreds when he climbed out of his grave in Lazarus rising. As to why God would need a vessel, the same reason angels do, humans cannot handle seeing Him in His true form.But whether this is a step further than the entire Winchester/vessel theme was going is probably most likely. It's always been about the brother on brother face-off John was a key element to the entire Supernatural story but I believe that he has played his part now. Dragging him up again (no pun intended) would just be an unecessary twist in what is already panning out to be an awesome finale. Having said that the smallest of cameos wouldn't be unwelcome.
Besides, I am the only one wondering what is going to become of Jessie? i've got some theories, but knowing the writers of the show, these aren't even close to what is going to happen with him.

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