'Grey's Anatomy' Season 6, Episode 20 - 'Hook, Line and Sinner' Recap

After several weeks of repeats, 'Grey's Anatomy' returns with an explosion of cast drama. The episode on a whole underwhelmed and could have been placed before the repeats. The Arizona/Callie baby issues continue, Teddy is still awkward in her situation, Owen still feels caught between two women, and Mark is still in a midlife crisis.

There were classic moments that reminded me of the heyday of 'Grey's,' where Cristina was the squealing fan to the rock star doctor, when Bailey told it like it is to Lexie, and the final moment between Derek and Meredith. It saddened me when we saw a few seconds of the lunch room, and the smallest table had Meredith, Christina and Alex as the only people remaining from the original interns. Alex really needs a plot line instead of having to sit alone and pout about life.

The Callie and Arizona relationship has now gone downhill. I understand in the real world that partners spend long amounts of time discussing the pluses and minuses of starting a family, but the condescending nature of Callie in trying to connect Arizona's brother to her issues turned me off. If Arizona doesn't want a baby, stop pressuring her or trying to think there's some psychological background. It's really tough seeing the two not see eye to eye when they had one of the stable relationships earlier this season.

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