'Project Runway': Meet your all-girl Fashion Week lineup

Last night's "Project Runway" brought the regular competition to a close with the last challenge -- and finalized the Fashion Week lineup. Going for the win in the Bryant Park tents will be: Irina, Althea, and Carol Hannah.

But first we need to look at how these three ended up in the winners circle -- and I'm sticking to the clothes, because the in-fighting is just boring and I'm over Irina and her complaining. For the record, I've thought this season was a bit underwhelming -- too many red-carpet frocks and not enough fashions created in the produce section of Whole Foods. Where are the drag queens?

Last night's challenge was a variation on past themes -- drawing inspiration at a museum. But I do have to hand it to the show, because oh what a museum. Anyone who can't find inspiration at the Getty Center needs to check themselves for a pulse. It actually surprised me, though, that designers spent so much time inside. The Getty's collections are spectacular, but the setting is so amazing that the art is almost secondary.

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