'Bones': Booth and Brennan still won't just make out already

Hmm...something tells me Emily Deschanel, vegan and animal rights activist extraordinaire, had something to do with tonight's episode of "Bones"...and I'm not talking about the murder victim being a chicken farmer. The show aired a surprising amount of real footage from broiler chicken factory farms, and peppered the episode with information and conversations about farm animal treatment. (Full disclosure: I'm also vegan. But this episode didn't make anything up for dramatic effect - I promise.)

The Case: Our victim was discovered by a troop of "Woodchucks" (think awesomely nerdy Girl Scouts) in a river ... and he smells like farts. Ugh. In addition to being full of hydrogen sulfide, our mystery man is missing some digits. They theorize secret military experiment, especially when Angela's reconstruction turns out "half man, half chicken." (Huge forehead, pointy chin, beak-like nose...) Oh, and he's also got chicken parasites.

Instead of a "super chicken soldier," however, our victim is a manager at Clucksten Farms, a broiler farm under siege by protesters: both "animal rights nuts" (ouch) and locals who hate the smell. The hydrogen sulfide from all the concentrated chicken manure inside is so strong that over the years it ate away at our victim Nick's nose until it looked like a beak. And as if that's not bad enough, Nick was killed when someone wrung his neck with a chicken plucker ... and then put his dismembered fingers inside, well, chicken fingers at a local fast food joint. Ewwww! (Yes, that grosses me out more than the rotting, farty smelling body at the beginning. Maybe I'm just disturbingly desensitized to the gore?)

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Nov 8, 2009 2:36PM EST

I know! They always seem like theyre getting closer too. The writers love to toy with us...heehee

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