'Survivor: Samoa': That hubris, it'll getcha ( Episode 8)

Last night's episode of "Survivor" is why we all watch, people. SO GREAT.

Foa Foa

After tribal, the Foa Foans think they can still stay in this game after the merge. They have to divide and conquer. Russell suggests each of them talk to just one person, and if each person gets one Galuians to flip, they're golden. Even if only two of them are successful, they've at least forced a tie. It's a solid plan. Whether it works remains to be seen.


Shambo perceives some kind of "90210-little-young-thing" going on and that there's a power struggle. Shambo talking-heads that it's like the snotty cheerleaders who won't let you into their circle. Oh my god, Shambo is stuck back in 1979 when she was a freshman in high school and everyone was mean to her. This is not "Survivor: Therapy." Good lord.

The Merge

There is much feasting and celebrating and hugging -- typical merge-y fun. The Foa Foans, however, are not messing around. Just like they talked about, Jaison goes after Well-Coiffed Pretty Boy No. 1 (I think it's John, but it could be Brett), Natalie goes after Danger Dave, Russell flirts with Skinny Brunette (Monica?). Seriously, too many contestants. It's really delightful to watch.

The new tribe is called Aiga, which means "extended family" in Samoan. That's cool. Galu's hubris does not take long to show, as Erik goes on a rant about how Foa Foa has nothing and Galu has everything and he has the Hidden Immunity Idol and my god, do I hope he goes home without playing the Idol. How smug can you be?

Russell immediately approaches Laura about how if she takes him to the top seven, he'll hand over the Hidden Immunity Idol. His conditions are that one of her guys goes first (meaning Galu). Her response? I'll type it verbatim because it's that good. "That won't happen ... It'll be one of your guys. Or Shambo." Snerk. Isn't Shambo one of "your guys?" Maybe it didn't strike anyone else as funny, but it made me laugh. When Laura tries to tell Russell who's boss, he gives up on her (interviewing that maybe Laura should go first) and then tries his hand on Monica.

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