The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: Week 3

It's Week 3 on the ranch. Before we get started, though, let's catch up with the two teams sent home before the competition began: Blue and Yellow. They'll return midway through the season to face each other, with the winner returning to the ranch. Both are faring well. Despite Blue's traumatic experience with the bike challenge, Cherita is back at it and excelling in her spin classes. Team Yellow's O'Neal has vowed to not die young like his parents.

Back on campus, it's student/teacher week. What exactly does this mean? One member from each team is the teacher while the other is the student - and the student gets no help from the trainers, but the student's weight will be the sole number to count at the weigh in. Because every decision is made based on who wins a challenge, this week has its first temptation challenge to determine who the students will be and who the teachers will be. Alison unveils a large container of M&M's. After two rounds and a mere 10 calories consumed, Pink wins the control (and pressure) of deciding who will be what.

The designated teachers meet with Bob and Jillian, who laugh about how the season's first temptation challenge ended with the winner having to consume 10 calories. Jillian notices that Migdalia from the Green Team is angry, although she won't admit it. So Jill does what she does best: pushes someone's buttons until they cry and spill what's bothering them - or simply walk out. Migdalia does the latter. She fumes to her mother, saying Jillian had insinuated they are both bad parents. Bob then goes after the Green Team and when Miggy tells him they came there "to change our ways not our personalities," Bob responds, "I'm not gonna try to change you, I'm gonna try to help you."

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