Recap: "You Get What You Need"

In this episode, Nora wanted money from investors, but found herself in need of a little self-confidence. Likewise, Saul wanted to not be bored, but was in need of a goal, Sarah wanted a new job, but was in need a better salary (and a nanny!) and Kevin wanted to make partner and impress Scotty's family, but was in need of a hug. As the name of the episode says But as the Rolling Stones remind us (and as the name of the episode implies), you can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. Would that be true for the Walkers? Let's find out.

The show opens with Rebecca confiding in Justin that she found a file regarding Ryan Lafferty on her mom's desk. The two commiserate about how deceitful Holly is, before Rebecca creates a master plan to test her mother's commitment to their new "no lies" policy. When Rebecca puts her plan into action, Holly shockingly confesses to everything with very little prompting, suggesting that it was her desire to "feel like I was in control" that drove her to seek out the information, even though she'd decided against using it. Rebecca and Holly then crack open a bottle of Walker Landing's finest and delve into a little girl talk about Justin and Rebecca's (as yet non-existent) sex life and how Justin is finally opening up to her. All in all, the two enjoy their evening together.

When Rebecca reports back how happy her evening with Holly was, the two have a mini-squabble as Justin immediately bashes Holly as the mother who can't be trusted. He asks Rebecca why all of a sudden she finds Holly to be so honest, when only hours before, she was setting up a trap for her. When Rebecca kicks Justin out, Justin calls out Rebecca's insecurities: "I'm not going to leave you," he says. Apparently those are the magic words, because almost instantly, clothes start flying and the two are well on their way taking their relationship to the next step.

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