Joseph Kosinski Talks Tron Legacy

We're less than a year away now from the release of Tron follow-up Tron legacy, which means that director Joseph Kosinski and his team are beavering away on the effects and editing to have the 3D film ready for its December bow.

Chatting to MTV, Kosinski talked about the fact that what we're going to see will be related to, but far beyond, the teaser that debuted at Comic-Con in 2008 and wowed the crowd in 3D last year. "The teaser, at least tonally, represented the direction I wanted to take it. That sequence actually doesn't appear in our film at all. It represents a period of time before our film begins.

"We were able to refine the design of the light cycles, the characters, the world and kind of flesh it out to a much higher level of detail than we were able to do for the test. What we're going to see in the film will feel a lot more photorealistic.

"They did that test with eight or 10 people in a matter of months. We have thousands of people working on the film. It's a whole different scale."

There's still a lot to finish on the film, but the director also promises 3D (using a camera one step evolved on from what James Cameron used on Avatar) that should work for the plot. "Our approach is not like "Avatar," which I think is 3D from the first shot to the last. Ours is sort of a Wizard Of Oz. approach. Ninety-eight percent of the 3D is in the world of Tron. The 3D really starts once we get into the Tron world."

But while it's all to easy to talk about the style, Kosinski is quick to point out that the story will still be important: "The focus was always to serve the story we are telling. We've taken the events of the first movie as historical facts. In our story, Kevin Flynn emerged from his first experience as CEO of ENCOM and actually released the Tron video game based on his experiences in the first movie."

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