Recap: "Bakersfield"

In this episode, many of the Walkers (or Walkers-in-law) were keeping secrets that, of course, were eventually aired, for better or worse. Nora tried to keep the truth from Kitty as she drug her along on a mission to find the Lafferty family, Robert lied to Kitty about his "surprise trip to Washington," Rebecca tried to surprise Justin by getting Kevin and Tommy to come support his one year anniversary of sobriety and Sarah's potential employers lied about the status of their new company. Plus, Nora got one step closer to revealing the secret evils of William Walker to yet another unsuspecting family. Which of these lies caused trouble and which worked themselves out? Let's see!

The episode begins with Robert informing Kitty that he is being called to Washington for an emergency meeting to deal with a problem in the Middle East. What she later learns, after she volunteers to join her mother on her "errands" to keep her mind of the pending adoption, is that Robert is actually heading to the Middle East. While Kitty mulls over the possibility that Robert is simply setting the stage for another presidential run in 2012, Nora (after fessing up that the errand involves finding Ryan Lafferty's father to tell him the truth about his wife and son) takes to attacking Robert, whom she automatically lumps in with her deceased husband as a lying scumbag. "Family will always place a distant second to Robert's ambition," Nora says, prompting Kitty to fire back, "I'm not you, and Robert is most certainly not Dad."

After Nora fails miserably to tell George Lafferty the worst news he could possibly hear (which he refused to hear much of at all) Nora yells to the Earth on the road back from Bakersfield how much she hates William Walker...and how he "never loved anyone but himself and his stupid penis." All better? Seemingly, as she then tries to correct the wrongs she did to Kitty. Realizing that she had no right to interfere in Kitty's (And George Lafferty's) marriage because she didn't even understand her own, she apologizes, especially when Kitty admits that she wonders if Robert would choose her over his ambition in a pinch. Nora says she doesn't doubt Robert's love for Kitty, and that they would figure it out when the baby comes. Luckily enough, Kitty finally gets the call that she and Robert have been chosen by a birth mother, and they could have a baby in 3 months! Robert is equally excited, and all appears to be well.

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