Recap: "Do You Believe in Magic?"

Who do you trust? That was the question on many of Brothers & Sisters' characters in this episode. Kevin was having trouble trusting new boss Robert (and vice versa), Kitty put doubts in the mind of her potential birth mother, Rebecca was unsure if she trusted Justin enough to say the old, "L word," Sarah didn't know how much faith she could put in her new business associates and Nora tried make George Lafferty see that he could trust in her family if he decided to tell Ryan the truth. Of course, there were other characters who couldn't be trusted at all. Who were they? Let's find out.

The episode was bookended again by Justin and Rebecca. (Yawn. First it was creepy and now it's just getting boring.) Justin, using his new key to Rebecca's place, finds his lady in the shower, and decides to stay and watch. Rebecca catches him (after being scared of course) and in her freak-out, Justin tells Rebecca he loves her? The response: "Thank you." (Anyone remember Season 4 of Friends?) As the two later get ready for Tommy and Julia's "magical" anniversary party, Rebecca learns that Justin's unhappy, but tells him she just wants to have her moment. At the party, Rebecca visits a fortune teller who suggests that Justin isn't the "great love" she's been waiting for, prompting her to tell Justin she loves him to prove the soothsayer wrong. "This is your moment?" asks an angry Justin as he gives Rebecca her keys back. She later explains her hesitations, because she's never been in love. "There is no right moment, because it's every moment," she says. And of course they kiss to celebrate their immense happiness.

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