The Bachelorette Episode Recap: Week 7

On this week's episode, The Bachelorette world tour makes its final stop before the hometown visits with a trip to Lisbon, Portugal and later, Jake and Vienna take their sides of the story to Chris Harrison for one final showdown in front of all of America.

Before we get to round 100 of the he-said, she-said debate, it's time to see who makes it to the hometown visits. Also raising the stakes? This week, there are four dates and zero roses before the big ceremony, which means everyone is in it until the very end.

Roberto gets the first one-on-one date with Ali and is invited to come be the king of her castle. Cue yet another confessional video of Frank complaining it's not his date when he actually just had one with Ali. But at this point in the game, everyone is a little freaked out and both Ty and Chris are visibly jealous they're not going to be the king of Ali's castle.

The date between Ali and Roberto starts off on a very carefree note, with the two taking goofy photos in the city square and just general enjoying each other's hotness. Ali says she needs to find a stronger connection to Roberto, but she's not in too much of a rush to get that.

At the hotel, Ali apparently can hear Frank complaining from afar and he gets stuck on a two-on-date with her and Ty. If someone had to get sent home, I would be much more worried for Frank (remember how much he stinks on group dates?). But, hopefully at this point in the game and after their last date, he will know to refocus his energy on solidifying his connection with her and not spend too much time quietly trying to stare down his competition and complaining to the cameramen about being on the group date.

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