FlashForward Episode 12: "Blowback" Review

Okay, so they didn't reveal what little Charlie's "flash forward" was in "Blowback" (it looks like that'll go down next week), but at least they had Mark (Joseph Fiennes) directly state that he'd tried to talk to Charlie about her vision but that she'd "shut down." Look, I don't wholly buy it since I feel like it's way too important an event to leave alone just because a little girl doesn't want to talk about it, but at least they addressed it directly, and even went so far as to have Lloyd (Jack Davenport) act a bit in disbelief over the fact that Mark, at this point in the game, didn't know what his own child saw in her flash.

I swear, I feel like my well-documented gripes with FlashForward are being checked off one by one. Not solved mind you, but brought up; talked about. Demetri (John Cho) actually told Zoey (Gabrielle Union) that Mark probably won't be the one to shoot him because the real culprit is the gun itself, which anyone can wield. So not only did they bring that idea up, but they also created a character who actively and adamantly wanted to stop Demetri from getting murdered; no matter the cost. I didn't really think Zoey's legal maneuverings to interject herself into the Mosaic Investigation and her subsequent dealings with Alda Herzog were all that interesting, but I appreciated the fact that someone was out to try and drastically change a possible pending tragedy. Demetri's petulance was a little ridiculous too, but I guess the real culprit here was the age-old TV constraint which prevents any couple from having a meaningful dialogue about difficult issues, forcing someone like Zoey to just show up at Demetri's work with court papers, taking him by surprise.

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