FlashForward Episode 12 Episode Recap: "Blowback"

At the beginning of the episode, it's 15 years earlier, and Aaron is in jail. Tracy visits him (braces and all), and he promises to do everything he can to get out on parole. Unfortunately, the minute she goes to leave, a guard begins to talk about her curves and Aaron quickly loses his cool. Cut to present day, where Tracy is the one in trouble when Aaron finds her drinking away her problems at a local dive bar. (The last time we saw them, he told her not to drink in his house.

Elsewhere, Demetri comes clean with Zoey about his and Mark's trip to Hong Kong and his discovery that Mark will supposedly be the one to shoot him. Zoey reveals her flash-forward is not of their wedding, but of his funeral. Demetri tells her he's already filed the paperwork to get rid of the gun in question, but that is hardly enough to deter Zoey, who soon storms to Mark's house to see what, if anything, she can get out of him. Mark is already having a hard time at work and a random accusation from his partner's fiancée doesn't help matters. We also get a quick glimpse of Janis looking at a calendar and taking prenatal vitamins but not much more is explained.

Another flashback, this time to two years ago, reveals the moment Aaron found out Tracy had died. Back to present day, Aaron begins revealing the information Mark was able to dig up about the Jericho unit that had been chasing Tracy after she was "killed." Tracy is overwhelmed with the information and recalls to her father how she had originally planned to bring him with her back to Afghanistan to find out the truth about Jericho. Clearly, this only pushes Aaron further.

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