BURN NOTICE "Made Men" Review Season 4, Episode 3

In the new episode of BURN NOTICE "Made Men", it appears our terrific trio have taken Jesse, the spy Michael burned at the start of this season, into the fold (at least for now). He meets with the team to tell them about a case he'd been working on investigating illicit weapon shipment from Algeria. Later, while checking it out at the docks they stumble on mob toughs roughing up a security guard and we're off and running.

They find out a local hood boss with the generic name of Tony (uh, really now...) is running protection rackets of sorts on the docks, so Michael masquerades as an FBI agent and is found out, but is able to plant a bug. Sam steps in as a New York mobster and hit guy, Jesse as his right hand man and Fiona just blows up and shoots a few things this time out. Michael's more behind-the-scenes as a scam to get Tony popped hijacking a truck runs awry, but they manage to drop him in the hottest of hot water with the actual mob. Meanwhile, Maddy's been getting to know Jesse as he settles in and realizes Michael's behind the loss of his job and she confronts her son at the end of the job, clearly angry and disgusted.

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