An In Depth Look At... Next Week's Most Shocking Soap Moments!

If it's Friday, it must be time for our friends at Soaps In Depth to fill us in on the action set to unfold next week across the daytime dial. And according to executive editor Richard M. Simms, Genoa City - home to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS - is the place to be as a court fight is interrupted by a shocking turn of events that will have everyone buzzing.

The week kicks off with Cane and Mac duking it out in court, previews the editor. “Mac is serving as a surrogate for Cane and his wife, Lily. Mac's carrying twins, which is great news. But tragically, Lily has cancer and is dying. Cane thinks his wife's life can be saved by using stem cells found in the amniotic fluid, but Mac and Lily have both rejected that notion. Going behind his wife's back, Cane has taken Mac to court. It's really dramatic, because there's so much on the line, says Simms. And just when you think things can't get any more emotional, they do when Lily bursts into the courtroom, having come home to die!

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