24 Episode Recap: 8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

In this hour of 24, Renee goes back undercover with the Russian mob while Jack tries his best to keep her from harming anyone else - or herself.

As the hour opens, Oleg (Gene Farber), the son of Sergei Bazhaev (Jurgen Prochnow), is dying of radiation poisoning from smuggling in Farhad Hassan's enriched plutonium. But Papa Bazhaev seems far more concerned with keeping their operation under wraps than getting treatment for his son.

Thankfully, he's got a brother, Josef (David Anders), who actually seems to have a human heart, and convinces his father to let them go to the family's country house. That turns out to be a clever ruse to sneak Oleg off for that risky treatment - which, of course, involves holding the doctor at gunpoint under threat of his family being murdered.

In a less heartwarming scene, having chopped off Zia's thumb, Renee grudgingly bandages him up to ensure he doesn't lose so much blood he becomes useless to her. And Jack continues to try to convince Renee she's not ready for this mission, though she's not backing down. "I went through a rough patch, yeah. But I came out on the other side." "I don't think you have," Jack replies, but still, he agrees to let the operation continue, as long as he can keep a close eye on her.

As Jack tells Chloe, "Renee got the results she wanted." Zia agrees to take Renee to his boss, Vladimir Laitanan (Callum Keith Rennie), and it turns out the nine-fingered man wasn't lying just to save his remaining digits - Laitanan and his crew are holed up at a nearby warehouse.

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