Sons of Anarchy: It's a Trap! (Season 2, Episode 6) - Review

Everything's a mess in Sons of Anarchy and I mean that in the most positive way. This week's episode, "Falx Cerebri," presents the mounting tension within the club in a silver platter and this time the beef is not just between Jax and Clay, it's also between Jax and Opie. But before anything else, let's recap: a white separatist gang attacks Otto in jail, leading Jax and Clay to yet another heated argument on whether or not to retaliate against the League. Chief Unser confides in Hale about Gemma's rape in hopes of steering him away from Zobelle while Chibs was caught in an explosion at the club's garage.

Sons of Anarchy picks up with the aftermath of the explosion that has left Chibs in the hospital in critical condition. Clay is tired of sitting around and playing the "what happens if" game so he declares brutal retaliation immediately. And even though Jax knows better, there's nothing he can say or do because the rest of the club are tired of hearing one futile cautious decision after the other. On the other hand, he goes behind the club and unexpectedly cuts a deal with Hale in attempt to get to Zobelle first and turn him over to the cops and thus, saving the club from what looks to be a trap setup by Zobelle. Jax is in for a race though because Clay has Unser helping out to identify Zobelle and Weston's location.

Meanwhile, Opie's drastic attitude problem is gradually affecting his family so a hopeless Jax tries to talk to him. The plan backfires though because all Jax gets is a piece of Opie's mind in the whole Jax-Clay squabble. It's depressing to think that Jax shielded to truth about Opie's wife's death to protect Opie but all it has done is to turn Opie into one of Clay's cronies---the kind who would even go behind his best friend's back just to report back Jax's little tryst with Hale to Clay.

After a shoot out at Weston's house that nearly turns disastrous, Hale tells Gemma that he knows about the rape and she gets all fired up like hell. Eventually, though, she opens up about the assault and the young girl who lured her right into the League's hands whom they later find out is Polly, Zobelle's daughter. Hale gets on top of things and meets with Polly and tries to get her to speak up. She does spill some info about a League meeting at a nearby Christian center but somehow, we all know that it's a trap. At any rate, the cops and SAMCRO, complete with guns and all, independently head to the same address only find a peaceful family church meeting. It's bad enough that SAMCRO fires back when a few phony gun shots go off but the surveillance cameras all over the place put the club in even more hot water. The episode ends with the entire SAMCRO, sans Opie, winding up in jail, leaving Zobelle at large.

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