House Episode Recap: "Remorse" Season 6, Episode 11

House and the male doctors on his team are smitten with their beautiful female patient who has unexplained bouts of excruciating pain, while Thirteen is able to stay focused on her case. Meanwhile, House tries to make reparations with a former med school colleague he wronged.

The Patient

After a 27-year-old woman named Valerie (Beau Garrett) is admitted with excruciating pain in her ear, House takes on the case based on the fact that she is extremely attractive and has an ugly husband. All the men on the team flock to Valerie's side, but Thirteen seems to get a weird vibe from her.

Somebody's Fibbing

After Valerie learns she has an arrhythmia, her boss shows up in her room drunk and claims that she poisoned him. He also tells her husband that they were having an affair. The team assumes the man is mentally unstable and that perhaps he was projecting because he may have poisoned Valerie. Thirteen, however, thinks Valerie is the one lying. Tensions flare between Foreman and Thirteen as he asks her to administer the next step of the treatment with beta blockers - mainly because she disagrees. But during an MRI of Valerie's brain, Thirteen discovers the patient bypasses the emotion centers of her brain and thus can't feel anything emotive. She's a psychopath.

Intrigued by the discovery, House comes to meet Valerie. "Hi, I'm doctor House. How long have you been a psychopath?" Valerie plays dumb, but when House says it may be connected to diagnosing her heart condition, it's as though a switch goes off and Valerie becomes another person. Valerie drops the innocent, sweet girl routine and starts speaking very matter of fact with cold, crazy eyes. She admits to drugging her boss, admits to having sex with him every Thursday in exchange for taking credit for his ideas, and admits she's only with her husband because he has a trust fund.

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