Gil Bellows Cast as Maxwell Lord on 'Smallville'

As most of us already know, the CW writers are bringing yet another comic book character to life on Smallville for the episode "Charade." Reports say that he's already been cast, and it looks like we've got a practically perfect fit. IGN announced that actor Gil Bellows has been chosen to play the shrewd businessman Maxwell Lord on the long-running series.

We reported earlier that the character will first be appearing on the episode 19 of this season, "Charade." It will air sometime in April, but that won't be the only Maxwell Lord appearance we'll get. Gil Bellows' role is at first a guest-starring one, but there's the possibility for it to be recurring.

Actor Gil Bellows isn't new to this kind of action, as he's best known for his portrayals on series like 24: Redemption and Ally McBeal. Putting himself in the shoes of this character from the DC universe should be easy for him, given how Maxwell Lord is. Obviously we can't wait to see the guy come to life on Smallville.

As we said before, Maxwell Lord is known as a humorous personality in the comics. Eventually, things turned more serious for him as his storyline got more complicated. He found himself involved in the formation of the Justice League International, turned terrorist then ended up as an unscrupulous businessman later.

Eventually, he found himself gifted with superpowers and was able to control the minds of others. It wasn't easy for the guy to do so, but he did manage to penetrate the mind of Superman. We're still wondering if this is how his Smallville storyline would play out, but we wouldn't rule that out for sure.

As far as amoral con-artists go, Gil Bellows could make this work. It seems like the characters he's played have a vague sense of right and wrong already. He was in The Shawshank Redemption, played a CIA agent on the series The Agency, and was a detective in Chasing Sleep. He also played a perverted rehab counselor on The Weather Man.

With that said, it sounds like there's much to look forward to this April on Smallville.

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