Zac Efron Shoots Down 'High School Musical' 4

As young actor Zac Efron makes his way as a big Hollywood star, it seems as though he wants nothing more to do with his past. He may have risen to fame thanks to Disney's High School Musical franchise, but he isn't planning on returning to that again.

Variety reports that the 22-year-old celebrity has recently just inked a two-year deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. This enables him to produce his own movies, star in them, and basically do whatever he wants to develop them. It doesn't look like he's going to make a fourth installment to the High School Musical movies though, since he's already left all that behind.

During his interview on the 2DayFM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Zac Efron was asked about wanting to come back as the East High Wildcat Troy Bolton. He didn't reject the idea outright, but you can tell he wasn't too pleased about the thought.

"I don't know what else we could do, we graduated high school," the High School Musical star declared. "It might be a bit redundant, we're a bit too old and pretty soon what's to stop us from doing Retirement Home Musical?"

Well, with proper execution and less songs, that would make for a good spoof. Still, it isn't something Zac Efron is considering. He'd much rather involve himself in serious fare, such as a couple of upcoming sci-fi projects for Warner Bros. Pictures.

One of those in development is "Johnny Quest," which the studio has been hoping to work on for years. They're hoping the Disney star agrees to playing the lead role, but that is if he isn't busy with another film in the works.

Warner Bros. has also been pondering on the sci-fi project known as "Algorithm," and Efron is also being considered for the part. Sounds like the actor has a lot on his plate already.

There may be no High School Musical 4 in the near future, but we can bet there's going to be plenty of Zac Efron projects to choose from. He certainly can't just stick to that one franchise.

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