'90210' Season 2, Episode 13: Adrianna kisses Gia, and Navid fails to set Jasper up

It's a new year on "90210," and those crazy West Beverly kids are back from their winter break. And apparently they're still all mixed up.

Annie & Jasper: Annie returns from two weeks in Vegas with her booze-soaked grandmother (that feels like a recipe for disaster, but in fact it seems just the ticket to get her back to her old self) determined to get her life back and break up with Jasper. Nice try, Annie. After leaving creepy flowers and a creepy note in her room about how much he loves her, Jasper creepily catches up with Annie in the hallway at school and creepily threatens to tell the police that she hit his uncle if she breaks up with him (Did I imagine it or wasn't it Teddy's car who actually hit the guy, and Annie doesn't know it yet?). Thus blackmailed, a creeped-out Annie holds hands with Jasper in the hallway and can feel the waves of horror coming from Naomi and Silver. It's so shocking that it prompts Naomi to do something unselfish and talk to Dixon about it after Annie shuts her out.

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