Life Unexpected Episode Recap: "Home Inspected" Episode 2

Week two of Life Unexpected brings some - wait for it - unexpected challenges. While Cate and Baze try to get their act together in order to get custody of their daughter, Lux deals with her friends shunning her for having parents now. Even though Cate desperately wants Lux in her care, what she says on the radio differs, leading to a blow up with Lux...

Life picks up shortly after Lux has moved in with Cate. Despite now being a father, Baze hasn't changed his ways. He's still up in the bar drinking until the wee morning hours. Cate, on the other hand, is stepping up her motherly duties as she tries to make a hearty breakfast to no avail. Ryan enters to Cate trying to wave the smoke out of the kitchen, and she expresses her fears that these little flaws will hinder her getting approved to be Lux's guardian. Ryan says that being engaged will definitely help her, even though she doesn't wear her ring.

The real worry, though, is how Baze will fare in the inspection. His first duty is to take Lux to school, since Cate and Ryan have to head off to the radio station. Unable to drive due to a night of drinking, he shows up in a taxi to bring her, but it doesn't really matter how she gets there anyways, because the minute Baze looks away, she bolts to ditch class.

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