The Hills: Spencer Pratt to Get Plastic Surgery Too?

Whether he's miffed that his wife is getting more attention than he is or he just wants to make himself look better, Spencer Pratt is planning to go under the knife too. At least, that's what his friends say.

Pals of the Hills star talked to Star Magazine about the couple's obsession with plastic surgery. We know that Heidi Montag version 2.0 (new, but not exactly improved) has already confessed her desire for more operations, but what about her husband? Apparently, he may just share this experience with her.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote on his site that the friend said Spencer Pratt is hoping to undergo "lipo, chest implants and a nose job." It's less than the Big 10 that his wife had in the past, but it's still being met with criticism.

The first and the last bits of the friend's statement aren't that unusual. It's the "chest implants" that bothers us. Isn't that taking things a little too far? For one thing, that would lead to quite an extreme reversal of roles if they continue.

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