The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 5: Week 5 - Recap

Just when the contestants thought they finally had control, another temptation challenge changes the course of the competition. And as luck would have it, that power goes to Tracey yet again.

After four weeks on the ranch, the duos are disbanded and it's Blue (Bob) vs. Black (Jillian). So, how are the new teams decided? Through temptation, of course. Everyone but Abby chooses to spin the wheel with the hopes that they'll land on the golden ticket - the opportunity to choose who trains with who. The catch is that there are many calorie-laden items to land on as well. Rudy, Allen and Danny all have to consume sweets, but the game ends soon after their spins when Tracey takes a whirl and gets the golden ticket. "Seriously?!" Rebecca yells - pretty much how everyone felt. So does Tracey think game-play or save face with her already P.O.'d players?

Although Tracey says she kept the Orange team together because she chose from the heart, the rest of the players couldn't disagree more. Tracey puts herself on Bob's team, to which Jillian thinks is "just Tracey's way of getting out of the ass-whipping that I have been waiting to deliver her." She chooses Daniel, Shay, Abby, Danny, Amanda and Dina to join her on Blue, and puts Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy and Rebecca with Jillian on Black. Liz is hysterical that she's split from her partner, Danny, who says, "This marks the beginning of game on."

The first workout as Blue vs. Black is pretty brutal. Amanda pukes, Liz faints and Dina can't jump on the stool.

For the challenge this week, each team has to carry a platform that one of their own players must be laying on at all times. The winner receives videos from home. Black stops almost immediately and both teams struggle through the mud pit. After a bit of frustration, Blue wins.

Tons of tears are shed as the Blue members watch their home videos. But the most heartfelt moment is when Liz asks Danny to join her as she plays her video, only to surprise him with one from his family. Danny is overcome with emotion that Liz would give up seeing her family so that he could see his.

After the last-chance workout, it's time for the weigh-in. Blue steps on the scale first:

Tracey loses 7 pounds.

Mo loses 6 pounds.

Allen loses 7 pounds.

Rudy loses 8 pounds.

Rebecca loses 7 pounds.

Liz loses 8 pounds.

Their total weight-loss is 43 pounds, 2.56%.

Then Black steps on the scale:

Abby loses 5 pounds.

Dina loses 6 pounds.

Amanda loses 6 pounds.

Danny loses 10 pounds.

Daniel loses 11 pounds.

Shay loses 16 pounds.

Their total weight-loss is 54 pounds, 3.05%.

Black wins the weigh-in, and way-to-go Shay for dropping 16 pounds! And nice little stab at Tracey, too.

Blue must decide who to send home (other than Liz who has immunity with the highest percentage of weight-loss on her team). Although their minds are made up, at first it seems and Tracey is going home. But Mo turns the plan upside down. He says he hasn't been carrying his weight and pretty much volunteers himself for elimination. His teammates listen and vote him out. So much for getting rid of the bad seed!

But at least today, Mo is doing great. He's lost 76 pounds and says the show saved his life. And I love that he's taking his knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition and spreading awareness to kids. "The person I lost, I've found," he says. He also tells the viewers, "If I can do it, anybody can do it."

Do you think Black should have sent Tracey home?

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