'Chuck': Morgan steps up as the Ring storms the Castle Season 3, Episode 9

Chuck's Buy More and CIA worlds are colliding, finally and inevitably, and you've gotta love the way they handled it. I've never found Morgan to be an especially appealing character compared to the rest of the "Chuck" roster, but he really shone in this episode.

Chuck vs. The Best Friend: Chuck is frustrated to find out that he's been benched until he can flash again, leaving him stuck minding the Castle while the rest of the team tries to intercept a CIA agent the Ring will supposedly try to turn. Shaw quickly discovers that not only is the supposed agent actually Captain Awesome, but that he's being used as a decoy while the Ring storms the Castle.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan confronts Chuck about his secretiveness lately, even to the point of dumping Hannah with no explanation. And (sniff) he fires Chuck ... as his best friend. You can tell it just kills Morgan to do this, but also that he's forcing himself to man up and take a stand. When a team of suits arrives to interview employees at the Buy More before deciding whether to purchase the store, Chuck sweetly talks Morgan up, still calling him his best friend.

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