'Hung' - 'Sing It Again, Ray' Recap Season 2, Episode 4

As the sophomore season of 'Hung' moves along, HBO continues to flaunt its refusal to stoop to pure sex to carry a show that is so much more than that. It's kind of noble, if you think about it. The knock on the network has always been its supposed reliance on sex, violence and vulgarity, and a show like 'Hung' could easily slip into that formula. The show has much more to offer, however, and it's showcased every week.

Damon, Ray's wayward teenage son, begins the episode with a midnight stroll around the baseball field, caressing and sucking on a Big Gulp like it was Blake Lively's big toe. The scene ends with the troubled youth taking a seemingly defiant whiz on home plate: A big ole "F-U" to Ray and his meat-headed minions, and it links a lot of the story together.

Turns out, Damon was caught by a security guard and when Ray finds out, he furthers his attempts to understand rather than chastise his son: Through his own experiences, and the help of his eccentric, equally wayward pimp, Tanya.

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