'Big Brother 12' - 'HoH #3 Conclusion, Nominations #3' Recap

Thursday night's live 'Big Brother' episode left both us and the house hamsters hanging. The hamsters were hanging ten; we were simply hanging. Yes, it was the first endurance Head of Household competition of the season. As with many competitions in the past, the basic chore was enhanced with rain, wind and, in this case, gobs of shaving cream.

There was a twist to the comp -- the first five people who drop out or accidentally fall are the Haves for the week. They'll enjoy good food. Whomever wins HoH always eats. But the four last surfers before the HoH win will get 'BB' slop and whatever America throws their way to eat. It might just be a winner for the losers.

After watching Monet being evicted two or three times again -- both in black and white and in color -- we got to the meat of the competition. Some folks, like Hayden, who -- despite his HoH reign -- have little or no target on their backs, don't really need to win this comp. Andrew's target has certainly lessened since his escapades the first week or so, but his religious food restrictions don't mesh with 'BB' slop: It's not kosher. Brendon and Rachel are the two biggest targets for the majority of the house, yet only Brendon can compete.

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