The Hills Season 5, Episode 13: "Strike One" - Recap

It's the Brode-ster's birthday and his girlfriend Jayde is throwing a surprise party. Is there drama? But of course. This is The Hills, people.

Kristin takes her new BFF Stacie to the Hustler store to buy some birthday "fun" for Brody and Jayde. Kristin is a little bummed that she didn't get to have a spicy relationship with Brody as she tells Stacie their love-life was "very vanilla, if you will."

Later that day, Kristin and Justin Bobby are playing around at the beach in front of K-Cav's Malibu pad when she suggests they go to the birthday party together. But at the b-day blowout, Kristin flies solo because JB is a no-show. As if being stood up wasn't bad enough, Kristin gets decked in the face by a water balloon. Pure comedy. And a note to the producers: Can you please stick with one on-screen title to describe the people on the show? This week Brody was labeled as "Kristin's Ex."

Audrina is giving Justin a little taste of his own medicine when she agrees to go out with his friend Derek - who Stephanie thinks is "so hot." They go out to lunch, but nothing else really evolves between them (at least in this episode).

The party comes to an end (not before opening up the sex-toy presents in front of Brody's mom - can we say awk-ward?). Kristin invites everyone over to her place for an after-party, but Jayde wants no part in it. Too bad her bf does. She walks away and Brody yells, "You're really gonna be a bitch like that?" So much for a nice thank-you for throwing a kick-ass birthday party.

The Speidi scenes are pretty numbered these days and seem to only detail Heidi's desire to have kids and Spencer's pure hatred for them. Six-year-old neighbor Enzo drops by and Spencer immediately begins to belittle him and ask him to go pick up his and Charlie's golf balls. And the kid couldn't be more adorable if he tried. That night, Speidi head out to dinner where Heidi calls him out for wearing that ridiculous hat. "Only a true man can wear a beaver skin hat to a restaurant," he responses.

Back at her house, Kristin's pretty bummed that she has feelings for Justin. Brody comes by and he too is feeling the love woes. "Love is a horrible, horrible thing when it goes wrong," he says. The next morning, K-Cav and Stacie (is she already drinking?) have a little post-mortem about the night. Kristin declares that Audrina put up with a lot of Justin's BS, and she's not going to put up with it. "Strike one," she says.

Do you think Kristin and Justin's days together are numbered?

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